What if Bush did what Obama is doing?

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  1. I'm curious about you lefts. Those of you that like Obama still, If Bush had done everything exactly as Obama has done so far, would you all of a sudden love Bush? I mean if Bush did the exact same thing as Obama with the healthcare and sending more troops to Iraq, and going on lots of vacations, going on magazine covers with his wife, going to basketball games when the country is in crisis...would you love Bush if he did the exact same things?

    If you dont say yes...then you can be sure that you have been brainwashed. You only do things because you are part of the collective who has no free will and can not think for yourselves.

    Please wake up now and free your mind and make your own choices.
  2. He would have been elected to a third term, after the congress repealed the 22nd amendment.
  3. I don't consider myself a leftist. However Bush DID exactly what Obama has proposed.

    Medicaid Part D added an immediate trillion to the deficit. And not a fucking peep from the Wingnuts here.

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    What, are you deaf?
  5. In one ear. You wanna explain something to me? I'm all ear. :D

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    Most libtards suffer from selective memory. It helps them avoid the pain of knowing their hypocrisy.
  7. You guys are all yap and no meat? Speak the fuck up already. Or shut up.

  8. I know for a fact that Tgreggggg the moderator won't say a goddamn word when challenged.

    So it's up to you fhl. Speak now or shut the fuck up forever.
  9. I ain't got all day fuckwits. Dinner reservations beckon.
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    I never liked Bush. I was against the Iraq War from the start (talk about bait and switch). I was also against Bush's domestic programs:

    1. The Medicare prescription drug benefit. Instant new deficits.

    2. The No Child Left Behind Act. A federal takeover of our public schools that is universally loathed by teachers and thinking parents.

    3. The attempt at amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Ted Kennedy endorsed 1-3, for all you anti-wingnuts.

    I find it amusing to see Democrats bashing Republicans and Republicans bashing Democrats, when the two parties are the same damn thing.
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