What if? A second attack

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  1. there is no safe place to be if there is a chemical, biological or nuclear attack against america.. it would throw the world into chaos.. for instance.. say a suitcase nuclear bomb is detonated in a major city.. the US will be forced to launch nuclear against ALL of our enemies that have that capability.. that means Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lenanon, Sudan, Somolia, Egypt, Cuba and probably Russia.. we would literally be forced to wipe entire nations off the face of the globe.. America would become a police state.. the worlds economy woud take decades to recover.. game over..

    this is why i think the Bush administration needs to squash the Taliban, and then invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein.. from there he needs to take out the Islamic terror organizations in Syria and Iran.. we need to remove weapons from the hands of those who hate us.. literally, the survival of civilization as we know it is at stake.. these are dark days for our country..

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  2. They are useless, filters (if you know how to use them) are
    good for 4 hours. Likely they won't filter the stuff (God forbid) is
    in the air..... anyway. If you are in NYC you simply won't be able to
    leave. Having them is a waste of money and false security (??)

    As for panic and financial melt down - I don't think it will happen
    even if we are suffer an other terror attack. The market will
    tank, but we just gave to grow up - London, Rome all these
    places have experienced terror - albeit maybe not to the scale
    of the WTC. I was in Italy 25 years ago when the "Red Brigades"
    were terrorzing Italy. Of course sadly these guys were boyscouts
    compared to these Middle Eastern fanatics. I work in a terrorist
    target (at least according to some) and francly I am a bit apprehensive.
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  3. If, God forbid, a single nuclear device were ever detonated on US soil, we would not retaliate with nuclear devices. If a full scale nuclear assult was launched on us by Russia or China, that is a different story but that would truly constitute the end of the world as we know it. In the more likely event (but hopefully still a very remote likelyhood) that a rogue terrorist group detonates a lone nuclear device on our soil, we would retailiate with the most massive conventional military effort ever seen by mankind. We have the hardware to do it and it would more serve our purpose than nuking men, women and children alike. We simply would not go that route for simple retaliation.
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  4. Jeffrey


    Yes, nuclear weapons will be used if needed. So far, these rogue countries do not have them.

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  5. I'm going to suggest we move away from this topic, first because it is getting off the subject of trading, and second because it is pointless to hypothesize potential apocalyptic scenarios. Thank you.
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