What if? A second attack

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MTG, Sep 29, 2001.

  1. MTG


    I have not heard anyone even breach the subject of what inplications a 2nd attack on America (in the next few months) would have on the financial markets . Everyone seems to just assume there will be no more attacks, we re-test the current bottom, and move on.

    As a daytrader, I'm glad to be in cash each evening. However, I do have a long term investment portfoilio that is at risk to future attacks. The United State's financial psyche is quite fragile at the moment. I believe a second terrorist event will prove to do a much greater harm to the markets than the first.
  2. Jeffrey


    I do not know why people would assume that we are safe from another attack. How could they? We hear on the news of arrest, and the thwarting of planned terrorist attacks over sea's, as well as arrest in this country.

    It is much safer for those in the military during these times. “Be Prepared”
    Civilians are not prepared.(NBC training, Gas mask’s, bunkers, etc.)

  3. Magna

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    Although the airways within the U.S. should be safe for the near future, I fear the next attack will be chemical, biological, or even possibly small nuclear. Those would be much harder to monitor and prevent as it would only take 1 crazed individual to release or detonate.

    I pray that none of that happens although I suspect something might soonafter we launch our retaliatory strike. For my finances, being in cash each evening is how I sleep as peacefully as possible in this very turbulent situation.
  4. Yoda


    Its a suggestion for every household to purchase a gas mask, too bad many are on back order, but better late than never.

  5. Satan


    i heard those filters for the masks have to be replaced. as often as like every 24 hours or so. so if you were to go this route, better load up on filters too!
  6. vinigar


    No one likes to think of such things...but your right...it raises serious questions...if your "in cash"...is your broker insured? If so, for how much...who are they insured with...do they cover everything or a percentage....what must you go through in order to get your money from them if needed...etc...Other than trading, what about your 401k retirement and other similar programs. Our government has taken many steps related to the terrorists...maybe our government needs to take a closer look at this subject you have brought out. There may be certain legislation which needs to be looked at and examined and updated to order to cover the situations you have been pondering. I myself am week in this area...I'll have to bone up, do some research and find out all that I can...if I find out anything of value , I'll post it on your thread.:)
  7. limbo


    Reading these posts are horrifying-my god. Should another attack happen soon-I surely believe we will deeply revisit lows. Friday-yesterday, I went all cash with all long term investments. Do I believe there will be more attacks-a resounding yes. These zombies have changed our life forever. Did all of you see that soccer stadium turned into an execution pit--the howling in the stands as that woman was shot in the head haunts me. It's just inexplicable.
  8. MTG


    In my long term portfolio, I have been out of equity stuff for some time now due to teh slumping equity market. I've been in Bond funds, mostly intermediate term. It has been a safe haven during the decling market, but post Sep. 11, not sure.

    I've been looking at the holdings in some of my intermediate term bond funds. Not a comforting sight... Lots of airline paper and other paper that will not make it through tough times. I'm looking to move to funds w/ mostly Government issues.

    Not to get too depressed, but money market funds have risk. In the past, under normal circumstances, there has been no need to be concerned about their safety. Not sure if they will always hold the $1.00 NAV in a major economic meltdown.
  9. vinigar


    I belive I watched the same program as you did on CNN...where this woman takes a hidden camera in country...the soccer stadium where they perform their executions clearly defines what kind of barbaric people they really are...in keeping with MTG's thread, what is your opinion as regards the safety of your money, stocks and the market in general?:)
  10. limbo


    Vinigar-I wish I could answer this question. I don't know. I don't know. I only know NYC-where I am is paralyzed-make no mistake about it. I'm going to a Broadway show tonight for $25 dollars. It's a bargain I wish were not available. Maybe as MTG suggests the $1 NAV is threatened?? Maybe not-and I'm overboard here.
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