What if 9/11 had terrorist dropping Nukes instead of crashing planes?

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  1. How would we have responded differently if it had been a nuclear attack, rather than a lucky break against us that airport security and the FBI were asleep at the switch?
  2. If Bin Laden had ordered a nuclear strike, a successful one, would we have found him by now?
  3. We'd turn the country that supplied the nukes into a desert. Duh, what a no-brainer.
  4. This is a confusing question. The attack on the twin towers came from within the country rather than originating from another country.

    If there was a nuclear attack from within the country, the response should be the same. Looking for the country of origin that precipitated the attacks.

    If a nuclear attack originated from outside the country, there would be a different response.
  5. Really?

    If an attack came from terrorist within the country, who had nukes, that caused the death of perhaps hundreds of thousands and much more physical damage...the response would have been the same?

    Bin Laden would still be free?

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    Whats even MORE CONFUSING, is how the attackers were SAUDI ARABIANS, but we attacked IRAQ and AFGHANASTAN, NOT Saudi Arabia.

    What's even THAT MUCH MORE CONFUSING, is how AFTER we were attacked this is what we see....

  7. Then you can be damn sure that the US government was involved in it in some way.

    Terrorist groups don't just buy/develop nukes without the CIA knowing about it.
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    Majority of terrorists fighting in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia. I agree with "bxptone", USA should now attack Saudi Arabia.
  9. We know that you would be blaming the Americans and the Jewish scientists because they invented the Bomb.
  10. Looking back is more painful than looking forward.
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