What I want to see in real-time trading signals

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  1. As an ET reader, I have seen lots of people claim to start successful systems, before showing any success in real-time, posting signals and specs before market open. And the people who have given signals in real-time have been just breakeven, minimally successful or even worse. If someone wants to build confidence in their signals, for whatever reason, they have to show those signals up-front, before making claims of success. Just shut up with the hype and phony humility. Let's see the signals, and then we can make up our own minds and create our own pie-in-the-sky spreadsheet projections. Someone who does this is willing to buy credibility with their own real-time signals that provide superior performance. That is the price to shine above the ego posters and snakeoil salesmen.

    OK. I trade the ES once per day, several times per month. I will post my live signal before market open, either long or short; a market day order to be filled at either 9:30ET or :31 depending on your own preference for liquidity. The profit target and hard stop are ten ES points each, no trailer and no breakeven. Set and forget. Play with the specs at your leisure. I trade when I have signals; I don't guess; so if I don't have a signal for today, you won't see one posted in this thread until the next day there is a signal for. Clearly, the value in such signals will not be in the timing or instrument, but in the direction.

    No, I am not posting some fancy chart with past performance. If I didn't think alot about its performance I wouldn't be sharing it with ET readers. And no, I am not a teacher and am not offering to teach anything. I have as much patience with diverse personalities as a carnivore at a salad bar.

    This is my signal performance journal, not a dissertation of my systems, which I will never reveal anyway. I am not offering to sell the signals in this thread, they are yours to laugh at, tabulate, papertrade or profit from, it's up to you.

    Enough talk. Show me the money.
  2. I will post a maximum of two signals sets per day, since what I am giving to readers in the trading signals from two different systems, A and B. Again, I do not trade daily. Rarely will I post signals for both systems on the same day, and due to system similarity, the two signals will never contradict eachother. If there is no signal in the thread for a given day, obviously there was no trade for either system on that day.

    Have a good weekend, and enjoy the holiday. Get away from the computer for awhile. I am.
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    The way you pick names hypo

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  4. System A: No signal
    System B: Short
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    What I want to see in real-time trading signals is: an ENTRY price. :)

    Also, you do realize that the market is closed today?
  6. US Markets closed. Globex open until 11:30 am est. Globex reopens at 6:00 pm est.
  7. System A: Short
    System B: Short

    Few minutes late.
  8. An elite trader reader wrote and asked how my signals and corresponding entries are possible without identifying an entry price, trading only with an entry time. That is my system, I enter usually at 8:31 regardless of price action. I realize that most signal providers and trading chat room gurus identify entry prices. However, for the two systems I provide signals on, you will never see an entry price posted before market open, because it is unnecessary. Not redundant, totally unnecessary. After picking up the signal, such as the short signal for today on both systems, looking for a pre-defined price at which to trigger is a waste of time, encourages emotional trading and is not sustainable practice. This morning, I am executing a market sell order just shy of 8:31 CT so the fill will print as close to 8:31 as possible. Why market instead of limit? Because I do not trade everyday, with periods of a week or longer between trades, and I respect the signals. I want to be in the trade more than I want to hold onto one tick of likely advantage and possibly a few ticks of advantage, at entry.

    Fast-moving markets can and do run away from limit orders. My understanding of trading the ES is that Globex does not prioritize limit orders giving preference to size, unlike some other exchanges. Trading the ES on Globex, it's first-in, first-out, and chasing an entry with a limit order is not sustainable practice, because every time you move your limit price, your order goes to the end of the line in priority. These two systems trade in one of the highest volumes of the day, unlike periods of low liquidity, where a large market order might result in major slippage during fills.

    There are no exit adjustments in these systems, they are set and forget in 95% of trades. We will check back when I receive a price alert, indicating either the stop or target price has been reached.
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