What I look for in a trading sysem

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  1. It's time to start a new thread :)

    These are some of the things I look at when considering a trading system.
    I would be interested in what other people look for especially if it is different from my list.

    High Win% - needs to be higher than 50% for me, prefer at least 70%

    Drawdowns - I started with a small account so it can't be too large right now

    Trades per week -prefer 3 to 5, some trades go for over a week, at this point I would be too tempted modify the trade so I need shorter term trades.

    Look at Trade System Website - some system websites are better than others but they have some good information

    Stop Loss for the system - 300 pips is too much for me right now

    Currency pairs- I do not like to use 2 different systems for the same currency pair

    Trade history - 3 month and last month, a lot of systems just started in January so I like to compare equal performance times for the systems I am considering. I do check the longer time frames for systems I like. I want good long term performance.

    PIPs per trade - I like at least 10 prefer more
  2. atozcom


    You are looking for an Automatic Trading Machine (ATM).

    No draw down. No technical analysis. No fundamental analysis. You can trade whatever time you want.

    You must first deposit your trading fund in you account. When ever you want to trade you just key in you personal account number and amount you want to trade. Press the Enter key and you will collect you fund, in cash.

    Guaranteed profitability. Trading can be made in all member ATMs.
  3. You are right:)

    I guess I forgot to mention this is what I look for in Trading Systems when I use FX-Auto.