What I Like About Communism

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  1. If you listen to any of the Republican candidates, all they talk about is creating jobs. Back in the good old U.S.S.R. nobody was ever unemployed. All you had to do was stand in line and eventually you would get a job, which is a hell of a lot more than Obama is offering.

    Laugh if you want, but when it comes to employment the USSR beat the hell out of the USA.

    If employment is the biggest issue, why don't we all just become communists? What do we have to lose? It can't be any worse than democracy.
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  2. hkrahra


    I was happy to live in the USSR until my 16.And i`m jellouse of my parents and grand parents who used to live in the USSR for a long time.I`ve never ever seen more happier people.I`ll never see such happy and spiritually strong people(even though there was no religion) again.

    There wasnt such thing in their mind like 'no work'.It was similar to upper- heaven planets kind of life.There will never be this kind of environment as the communism was in the USSR on this Planet again.Ever!

    Tooooooo bad!!!
  3. yes, those were the good old days
  4. zdreg


    of course that's why people died trying to escape the socialist paradise.

    how comes very few people tried to enter the socialist paradise?
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  5. Eight


    I worked with people that escaped [that's right, they paid to get out] Russia/Eastern Europe... They said they always had a job but the thing was that if a project needed 5 people 30 were hired and 25 sat around playing chess and backgammon [they were good at both of those games, as if I needed proof]..

    I've had jobs where I didn't have to do much, it's crazy-making.. another problem in Russia was that the state told you what job to take, or what career.. People that are not suited for their jobs are MISERABLE...
  6. hkrahra


    excuse me,i didnt get what you meant.
  7. yg10


    Compare the number of people who emigrated _from_ Soviet Union and number of people who went there.
  8. Dude...lol...I don't know who you are in real life, but if we're ever in the same place at the same time, I hope you let me buy you a drink.

    Or eight.
  9. hkrahra


    Thanks for clarifying.

    It doesn't prove anything.The emigration from Russia now is more staggering,and ones who entering are mostly the workers with no proper qualification from the near east.
  10. xiaodre


    The Soviet communist system was corrupted before Lenin was even cold in his tomb. The bad outweighed the good in communism for Russia, just like the bad is far outweighing the good in wild capitalism for Russia. Test for the common denominator - it's Russia (bad and good being subjective and opinion).

    Emotions and opinions aside, the efficiency of state mandates over individual liberties for large projects cannot be denied. Communist Russia drove a backward country through the industrial revolution in 20 years and beat back the Hun in world war 2. I think it's safe to say the Soviets achieved greatness. Personally, I think they should have killed the lot of them and established the newly minted state of Isreal right there in the middle of Europe, but that's just me. I hate fkn krauts.

    Then again, Soviet Russia could never play nice with the rest of the world of which they are only a part and isn't that also a test of a state system? For some reason, they felt compelled to scupper and/or dominate certain negotiations just because they could. And here is capitalist Russia doing the same. Surprise!
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