What I just did.. :)

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  1. oh well just got in
    I just Longed

    Shorted USDCHF
    and GBPCHF
    all for friday
  2. drasfs


    USD/CHF should be long, and will rally to 1.29 and maybe 1.292
  3. drasfs


    sold usd/chf at 40

    about 100 pips profit
  4. What?
  5. drasfs


    yeah I should have stayed longer :(
  6. Longer than what? I have no idea what you even did.
  7. drasfs


    I longed USD/CHF at 40, then it went up by 100 pips, and I sold my position. But then, it kept on increasing up to 90, so I should have kept my position a little longer.
  8. First you say you "sold usd/chf at 40" though I have no idea what the hell "40" is. Then you say you longed it.

    Pardon me for saying so, but between this post and your others, it looks as if you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.
  9. drasfs


    Sorry I meant I liquidated my position at 40. Im new to forex, so simply just mixed up sold and liquidated.

    This is what happened in detail:

    I boughth USD/CHF at 1.284

    And I liquidated my position at 1.294

    Which gives me 100 pips profit.

    Though, it kept on increasing to 1.299, so I could have made 50 pips more..
  10. Ah, ok, I understand. Well done. Was a good move, but don't concern yourself with "should have" or "would have". Just take your profit and run.
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