What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Actually, this sets up for FREE room and board AND healthcare!

    Courtesy of the Federal Penal system!

    :eek: :eek:
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  2. Can't you just see it now... guys in The Big House asking, "What are you in for"?

    1st guy says, "murder"

    2nd guy says, "rape"

    3rd guy says, "didn't have health insurance"...

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    I sure hope it's gonna be a Federal Crime. Man, you don't wanna do state time. Fed time comes with a pass to the country club.

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  4. You will not be able too since the premiums are not based on age but on income. I think the standard plan they are taking about for a single person making $44k is $5800 per year with a $2k deductible.
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    Thats $500 a month which is about twice what my previouis company pays now...it is $252 a month for poeple of that wage.

    Great plan....
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  6. Are you sure?

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  7. regardless what the detailed provisions of the bill is , we are moving towards a UK-style nationalised healthcare.

    if you do not want this and the subsequent debilitating consequences for our society, stand up make yourself heard and stop Obama. it can still be done
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  8. piezoe


    Why do you folks persist in this nonsense. If you spent one-third of the time actually acquainting yourselves with the bill as you do parroting this crap put out by the insurance industry, you'd realize how silly you appear to the rest of us..
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  9. Respectfully, I think you are under the impression that:

    1) The masses' minds are not owned by the media,
    2) The masses test candidate character prior to voting,
    3) The masses have any source of right and wrong outside of fashion, their temporary emotions and their favorite public figure.
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  10. I went to the U.K. this summer. They love their free healthcare there.

    We do not need insurance companies denying people insurance in this country because of pre-existing conditions and cancelling coverage just when you need it the most. We do not need these high premiums that just keep going up every year. They are just in it for a profit and don't care about people or their medical problems. We need non-profit companies or the government offering health insurance, so premiums can come down.

    I applied for individual insurance in late August, since my wife doesn't work any more and is a stay at home mom. I am self employed and 36 years old. Perfectly healthy my whole life. I never had any hospital stays or emergency care treatment. The company that I applied with denied me insurance because of my abnormal EKG back in April which was done by my internal medicine doctor as part of my annual physical. I had another EKG done by a Cardiologist in October, as well as a treadmill stress test and echocardiogram. Everything was normal and my heart is perfectly fine. It turns out that the EKG was abnormal back in April because I am thin and the heart is close to the chest which produces an abnormal EKG. So then I appealed and they approved me for insurance. The whole process was one big hassle though. It costs us $200/month here in Georgia for a family of three with a $7,500 deductible per person per year with a $15,000 maximum for the family. It would have cost $1,200/month for the three of us for a $0 deductible, so I said screw that and went with the higher deductible. Why pay an extra $12,000/year in insurance premiums.

    If you are not poor enough, forget about Medicaid. If your employer doesn't offer insurance or you are self-employed and you have some sort of medical issue, you can be turned down for individual insurance, except in NJ, NY, MA, ME, and VT, the only five states that I know of that don't have medical underwriting. Some states also offer high risk plans, but I'm sure they are costly. It wouldn't happen in France or the U.K. They have great systems there. I also went to France this summer. They have free healthcare and free prescriptions. The minimum wage there is also around $12/hour.

    I'm hoping this healthcare bill passes so that we can have a public option, hopefully cheaper than insurance company prices, as well as a new rule that prohibits insurance companies from cancelling your coverage or denying you insurance because of pre-existing conditions, as well as unlimited dollar amount lifetime benefits. It will benefit us all. The only complaints will come from joint filers that earn over $1 million/year or single filers that earn over $500,000/year, since they will now have to pay an extra 5.4% in taxes on amounts earned over $1 million for joint/$500,000 for single.

    As far as 50 million new people being added to the insurance pool, who cares that you will now have to wait an extra day or two to see the doctor. It would only be 20% more people that will now have insurance. Complaining about the fact that you will have to wait a little longer to see a doctor is completely selfish and idiotic; like only you deserve to see a doctor and get treated but no one else. My mother is just as important to me as she is to you.
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