What have you learned?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kwtrade, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Markets like this in the long run can make you better trader or investor for the long run. How have you improved your skills to handle this shifting market?
  2. ---->trade smaller size
  3. . . . That ET and the talking heads on CNBC are great FADES!

  4. Drown out the white noise and trade what you see.

    A market such as this will only prove the good traders and make the strong stronger.

    A culling was necessary and needed. Too many "hedge funds" not hedging and too many complacent "investors"/"traders".

    Pain is nothing more than weakness leaving the body. This market pain is sending many hands packing.

    Here's to the deck reshuffle and the hopes it continues until the end of the year!

    This global bull needs stronger/smarter hands holding its assets and resources!

    Good Luck!
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    I've learned to do more research to be sure I really want to hold the stocks I buy. If price drops as soon as I buy then I want to be sure I am able to hold for a long time for them to rise again. I'm trying to limit the number of bail outs I have to take.

    yes, I agree with the smaller size of trades strategy.

    I also trying out buying trades just once a week and spending the rest of the week researching. Seems like maybe if I hit a bad day or a bad week, I'll lose only so much at that point. It also seems that it makes the few buy I actually do make better, because I've really looked into them.

    I've tended to buy in 100 lots, but now I'm rethinking that if I must hold for a long time, my trading $ will be tied up in those 100 lots. What lot size do you folks tend to use?