What Has Stoney Done For You?

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  1. Well folks as the wife wants to go out and eat breakfast somewhere fancy, I've decided to sit here and piss her off.

    In my triumphant return to ET we have in short order & in TERRIBLE market conditions done pretty darn well.

    My gift upon returning was IOC and many of you emailed me enjoying the $16 ride!

    Our other oil play there in the same thread HDY has gone from $1.07 to $1.60! Yours truly did not play it well.

    We gave you a nice gain in Chinese coal play LLEN and got you out.
    We have not done as well with CTFO & RINO in the China space.
    We scored big and still hold SPRD from $9.40 to $ 12.40 and now $12.00

    PPO we gave you a few times under $24.00 and around $26.00 This great stock will zoom to the mid $30's. It's $29.70 now.

    In retail we recently started a position in CROX that is an upgrade away from a 52 week high and we have a fairly large position in UA $34 to $39....

    CLF we gave you for $9 to be honest I never bought it I went with paper play UTF which gave you $10.00 and I recently got you back in at $60.00 for $4 more.

    Each time I have left for a few days I have left you ideas that have turned into gold.
    All the while the money pro's tell you this is the most difficult market they have ever seen. Sure I'm not perfect but the losses are so small... that's part of the system when it works. How bout a dud?

    MATK has not worked out stuck forever at $22.00 when we payed $25.00... I've got an itch to sell.

    IRWD gave us TWO 30% trips up and unfortunately I got greedy and went to the well a third time and am DOWN almost a buck. I've got an itch to sell.

    AKRX $3.00 to $3.50 never bought the damn thing.

    SOMX we gave you as a play it was good for a small gain. Already long gone

    ZIOP has been a loser from day 1. I'm a damn hardline believer riding this to zero.

    VALE has been a staggeringly steady stock at $27.00 and has made us nothing. I have an itch to sell.

    PWER ditto bad timing here on the buy, still a big believer in this stock. Hold.

    GMO. The general is flat at $3.00 this is a LT play and hold.


    Ok you are up to date on my picks and my mindset. If I selll a few of those duds today I am looking at THESE 11.~ stoney











  2. Ok folks I've put everyone through the workout and my only buy is FMCN.... yes another Chinese stock.... I like the chart... $22 is up channel target ST, I see it going through that. The CEO just sold a chunk of stock which could be seen as a neg but he sold to Goldman Sachs which I see as a positive... he also got a sweet deal that allows him to profit if the stock goes up. I'll profile these guys when I have the time, they do outside digital advertising in China. I vaguely remember these guys doing some sort of split off where they sold a business I have to freshen up my DD but chart wise FMCN is the play. Where to buy well the market does not feel strong today so if it sells down a bit today might be a good day-- we'll take a look in about an hour the range today has been $19.40 to $19.47.

    All the action today and recently has been in REE and other RARE ELEMENTS stocks, for whatever reason I'm not getting excited. Maybe it's the tech slowdown or the fact that China controls the market but here is what a rare element is-

    FACTBOX-What are rare earth elements?

    Great Western Minerals Group Ltd
    11:59am EDT

    Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
    12:03pm EDT

    Molycorp, Inc.
    12:04pm EDT....( REE up 10% HOW DID THEY MISS THAT ONE!)

    TORONTO, Sept 9 | Thu Sep 9, 2010 8:39am EDT

    TORONTO, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Rare earth elements are used in a wide range of consumer products, from iPhones to electric car motors.

    Demand is growing, fueled by green technology. At the same time, supplies are getting tight. China, which produces over 90 percent of the world's supply, has cut exports by almost half this year.

    A looming global shortage has pushed numerous Canadian miners into the spotlight. Here are some facts on this elusive group of 17 metals:


    Lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium, scandium, yttrium.


    Rechargeable batteries for electric and hybrid cars, advanced ceramics, magnets for electric car motors, computers, DVD players, wind turbines, catalysts in cars and oil refineries, computer monitors, televisions, lighting, lasers, fiber optics, glass polishing, superconductors, and weapons.


    Rare earths make for smaller, lighter batteries and motors. The drive to miniaturization was first popularized by the Sony Walkman personal cassette tape player. Rare earths are now key to making handheld devices like Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry.


    China and Japan. Global demand is forecast to grow rapidly as demand for green products increases.


    China produces over 90 percent of global supplies. China mined 120,000 tonnes in 2008, followed by India, which produced 2,700 tonnes, Brazil and Malaysia.


    The demand for dysprosium, terbium, neodymium, praseodymium and europium is set to grow by a minimum of 8 percent a year.

    Electric vehicle demand for dysprosium, neodymium and praseodymium is set to grow by an average of 790 percent in the next five years.


    Great Western Minerals (GWG.V), Steenkampskraal, South Africa

    Avalon Rare Metals (AVL.TO), Nechalacho, Canada

    Molycorp (MCP.N), Mountain Pass, U.S.

    Lynas Corp (LYC.AX) , Mount Weld, Australia

    Arafura Resources (ARU.AX), Nolans, Australia

    Sources: U.S. Geological Survey, company web sites, Byron Capital Markets

  3. GET LOST, Egomaniac. You were not missed...
  4. i was looking forward to his posts,
    but your piker posts? u belong in aol chat
  5. Thank you Cool, Joe P doesn't get it. I was a little excited I'm just going through the statements the market has gone nowhere and we had some good success and had fun talking about the market. I am trying convince myself that this is all still worth it I guess you have heard how the market is fixed and only speed traders make and dollars... the little investor is all but squeezed out. Except here at ET. Other folks make promises I like to think I deliver. This is because I work hard and have good instinct. I also don't work which isn't easy to do but is perhaps the sole joy left in investing.

    There have been many successful egomaniacs I'm sure in investing but I'm not one of them. I always go out of my way to point out my mistakes as I feel this is all teaching as well as investing. I teach myself all the time and often I don't listen to the teacher.

    Joe P might be interested in this article.

    Recent Article:

    Are You an Egomaniac? Ten Questions with Steven Smith

    Steven Smith has spent the past ten years exploring how great leaders use ego differently than everyone else—how they work, think, collaborate, and who they are. The result of his work is a book he co-authored with David Marcum called egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability). His work has been featured by The Dallas Morning News, The Arizona Republic, The Irish Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, and Le Figaro. The topic of this interview is one of paramount importance to anyone who wants to change the world: Ego. Too much? Too little? How much is just enough?

    Question: Which comes first: big ego or success? That is, it takes a big ego to be successful or you start with a normal ego, somehow achieve success, and then get a big ego?

    Answer: First, there’s a vital difference between “big ego” and big ambition. Successful people usually start with big ambition/big ideas, and a “normal” or healthy ego. That combination of ambition, ideas, and healthy ego drives their success. If they’re not careful though, their success creates the illusion that it was them alone that achieved that success. And the more publicly visible they are, the more they believe the headlines that attribute their success to just them.

    Once they assign all of that success to themselves, their ego whispers how great they are, and anything else they think or do will be equally great. That’s when healthy ego becomes “big” ego, and it’s hard to convince ourselves it’s not just us because our self-written history reinforces that we’re the one that did it.

    Question: What are the telltale signs of an over-inflated ego?

    Answer: First, let’s be clear that most people—99% of us—don’t have over inflated egos all the time; just some of the time. When ego over inflates, there are four early warning signs: (Joe tell me if I qualify!)

    Being defensive: defending ideas turns into being defensive. (Nope!)

    Being comparative: being too competitive actually makes you less competitive. (Nope No one compares I don't think not for free anyway)

    Seeking acceptance: desiring respect and recognition interferes with success. (Hummmmm)

    Showcasing brilliance: ideas can be overshadowed by your own intelligence and talent. (Hummmmmm)

    Let’s take just one that gets a lot of people in business, and usually triggers the other three warning signs, being comparative or too competitive. Here are some things you can watch for.

    Seeing someone you work with as a rival and think about how to “beat” them. (Nope)

    Taking disagreement with your ideas personally.(Nope)

    Compulsively following a competitors “lead” so they’re not doing anything you’re not. (No No No!)

    Criticizing competitor’s strategies and prematurely discard them as irrelevant. (hummmmm)

    Believing you don’t ever deserve to lose; a game, a conversation, a debate, a promotion, a raise, etc. and you’re not gracious in defeat. (Nope)

    Disagreeing with someone’s point just because they’re the one who said it. (as long as everyone is a NY Giant fan there are no problems)

    Feeling worse about where you are when you see what others achieve. (Nope. I drive a twenty year old car.)

    Question: Then what is a “healthy” ego?

    Answer: Genuine confidence; confidence that doesn’t have to exert itself to “prove” it’s confidence. Healthy ego keeps us from thinking too highly or too little of ourselves and reminds us how far we have come while at the same time helping us see how far short we are of what we can be. But to understand what healthy ego is, you have to understand the relationship between ego and humility. For most people, tradition holds that the opposite of excessive ego is humility, when in fact having too little ego is just as dangerous and unproductive as having too much.

    Imagine that the spectrum of ego is magnetic, with the strongest pull coming from the two ends. At the center, the magnetic pull on either side has little effect on us. But the closer we move to the extremes, the more the magnetic pull affects us and the harder it is to make our way back. The longer we stay off-center, the more comfortable we become being off-center. If we don’t quickly recover, we’re more likely to develop bad ego habits.

    The exact opposite of excessive ego is no confidence at all. Humility provides the crucial balance between the two extremes.

    Question: Is there such a thing as not enough ego?

    Answer: Definitely. In fact, more people and company cultures suffer from this than you might think. We call it the “Junior High” side of ego; that we need the approval and acceptance of others so much that we make decisions we wouldn’t make if we felt more genuinely confident about who we are. (Owch!)

    Question: What is your analysis of Steve Jobs?

    Answer: Steve’s gone through a metamorphosis in how he works. He’s always been exceptionally gifted as a creator and designer, but he used those gifts in a way that drove people away from his company and minimized the talent and creative IQ of the people around him. Once he was kicked out of Apple, life began to humble him through his own health challenges, his reputation, losing what he created, etc. Interestingly, Steve came out of that time of his life with a healthier ego, because life had humbled him and he accepted the lessons.

    Question: What is your analysis of the Stonedinvestor?

    Answer: Well that's tricky. He doesn't ask for much. He's not ' driven ' in that sense. He fancies himself above it all in a way, a peaceful high sort of way. But he also gets angry a lot. He's back n forth. He's a hard worker but if you ever played backgammon with him you would know he's a complete loon. He makes machine gun noises, claims to build walls of defenses on purpose and then when he gets that one chance and needs that one roll... he always get it. And then he lets you know it in a super annoying way. Greg at Boston University floor 4 in the sports dorms, West Campus, early 90's... he killed himself over this.

    Thank You Steven.
  6. What has stoney done for me?
    He's cost me a lot of money with some bad calls.
  7. Having coolweb's support on posting quality & credibility is like having Tiger Wood's support on being a faithful partner. It's actually a competition between the two of you on who is the bigger joke.

    Only the morons & phoneys missed you. Your calls are terrible, followed by your thinking process.
  8. What up Hydro! You can't fool me! :)

    I am buying FMCN this morning 1/2 position.

    I am buying FNSR full 1000 shares!

    I was stopped out of CROX yesterday on a downgrade of sketchers which I don't get- buying back in this morning.

    I am SELLING:


    FMCN TRADED A LOT OF VOLUME YESTERDAY USE $18.80 AS A STOP. This is scooting up.

    FNSR is a great co and they took a hit when Cisco reported (big hit) Since then they have killed earnings and estimates are up all over the street. If you run a non sexy portfolio but you like to make big bucks this is the trade for you.

    CROX Somewhat torn here there's a bounce for sure we'll take that and see what she wants to do. ~stoney
  9. Don't let'em get ya' down Stoney.
    I don't get that CROX sell off either. Got whacked on that one myself yesterday. I think I'll stay on the sidelines and wait till things shake out with CROX.
  10. I don't get it Captain O! I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and work my ass off as I know you do I come up with a game plan and I get my emails out early. The fact that I am buying FNSR & FMCN is greeted with great hooplah in some circles and benign indifference here. Fine.

    Certainly I am not trawling and bashing I'm just being as constructive as I can be in these market conditions. I know Hydro well from way back, he's just kidding. Joe P I think I know from my sports blogging on the Jints, so I don't really believe him either.

    As I did with Mr Hershey I would be willing to go one on one with any poster-- simply lay your two picks here & I'll match them up with today's buys.

    Every day is a puzzle and I am just a simple puzzle master. Do Masters get slapped now and then yes of course. I'll have to sell RINO today at a slight loss, VALE at just slightly up and IRWD at a loss... it happens, Yesterday Crox sliced lower indeed but UA went up to a fresh high on volume... I'm torn between saying hey UA is the last one left standing get out of retail and relax Crox management will goose the stock today. Personally I'd take the free money to $12.50 and then move on from Crox as well. ~stoney
    #10     Sep 10, 2010