What has Obama Done for the Liberal Who Elected Him?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by schizo, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. schizo


    The seething angst among the liberals is about to explode, myself included. This dude is all talk and no action. Everything bears the same loathing stamp of bygone Bush era than a real change we can believe in. Even the lukewarm democratic constituents within his own "centrist" beltway is crumbling. What the hell has Obama done for the liberals who went all out to have him elected?

    I'm afraid this will not turn out very pretty. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Divided party? It’s not just GOP, but also Dems:
  2. TGregg


    To be fair, The One really is far left. If he had his way, there'd be a lot for the left to cheer, from single payer health care, plenty of welfare handouts and 4 year unemployment benefits to a $10 minimum wage and crippling taxes on "rich" people. Fortunately, our government is not subject to dramatic tacks to the left or the right. The giant behemoth that is the federal bureaucracy does not change course on a dime (or a string of 100 dollar bills, for that matter). In this case, it is Congress that is "getting in the way" or "keeping things on an even keel" depending on your perspective.

    At least you guys have somebody in line with your beliefs in the Oval Office. We haven't had a real conservative since Reagan. And a McCain victory would not have changed that, nor does it look like the republicans are ready to cough up a real conservative for POTUS.
  3. Actually Obama and his "Thug-Ocracy and Czars" has done more for
    the conservative party and values than any event in modern times.

    I just hope the pendulum swings towards smaller government and moral uprightness versus
    nationalism or fascism (under the guise of conservatism.)

    I am hoping that this bad taste of socialism and fascism under this narcissistic regime
    should inoculate against Hegelian reactionism or synthesis.