What has Israel done for the U.S. lately?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Seriously, what have they done for us?
  2. What makes you think they should have done something :confused:
  3. Do I think that countries that we pump billions of dollars into should do something for us?

    You don't think they should do something for us?


  4. Per the US request they have not bombed the crap out of Iran, they are not building in the West Bank, they did not retaliate against Saddam Hussein, they share intelligence, they assisted american troops in training for urban warfare, they scrapped the development of their own fighter jet that would have competed with american planes, they stopped arms sales to China, they've made a ton of concessions and unilateral steps that they would never have made if it was not for american pressure, they buy american weapons...
  5. No, of course not, this is the view of the simpletons. The US is paying first of all because it was part of the tri-lateral US/Egypt/Israel Camp David accords that led to peace between Israel and Egypt. The US made a commitment to provide aid to both states, Israel made a commitment to leave the Sinai, Egypt made a commitment to sign a piece of paper. Ironically the aid was approved by Carter, no less.

    The US is also paying to be a player in the region... and it is, Israel does pay close attention to the Washington opinion which means the US gets its money's worth. Moreover Israel buys a huge amount of american weaponry - good for economy. They could buy cheaper French, russian or chinese weapons, you know.
  6. Israel hasn't used white phosphorus munitions on UN staff and civilians lately. Well, at least not since 2009.
  7. As yet Israel is not capable of launching the devastating conventional attack needed to neuter Iran, the US and Russia are at the moment the only states with the balls and cock for that kind of engagement.
    Oh that’s just around the corner.
    Kudos to Israel for this one it could have a messy affair if they had.
    Intelligence sharing is not unknown amongst nation states in fact its rather common as is military cooperation.
    Israel actually now realises that arms sales to China was a dumb short sighted move as once the Chicoms copied the first batch all subsequent sales would have been cancelled. As for US weapon sales and loan guarantees now that is a dream deal no country would turn down, the US gives Israel the money to buy US weapons its not like Israel is digging into its own coffers and keeping the US arms industry in business.
  8. I dont know, but for the people that pay A LOT of the US tax money and create A LOT of jobs here in the us via the companies they have started, Israel is very important to them. So in the next 50 years when the economic contributions greatly increase to the same level from another minority group, I would believe that you will see a lot of US support for their brothers. Makes sense, no?