What has happened over the past 2 years?

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    What has happened over the last two years? Does anyone think open interest is much lower and technology has taken a huge leap? Give me any thoughts on volume, OI, or how technology is affecting things.

    If you have no thoughts on it, take a look at the data and get back to me.

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  2. 1) The Cubs are mediocre on the field but good at the bank.
    2) Open interest can be lower in some markets because a lot of "excess speculaion" has been washed out because of the overall downturn in the stock market the past two years.
    3) There can be a displacement of open interest from exchange-traded markets to OTC-markets that doesn't show up in most reported market statistics. :cool:
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    what are your thoughts on algorithm trading?

    Are you nervous that regular point and click traders will be wiped out due to the rapid increase in technology and algorithm trading?

    Do you think there is any possibility of anyone reading the code of the orders being sent INTO the market, not after they are posted?
  4. 1) I don't have a problem with it. Profitable algos are offset by losing algos.
    2) No. Good traders will always be able to make money. To have "good" technology is no guarantee of making money and it can be expensive to maintain with upgrades and geek support.
    3) Could somebody "reverse engineer" an algorithm based upon the order flow generated by it?.....Maybe. Keep in mind that different algos may not always want to do the same thing at the same time, all of the time, in the market. You have to be sure you're spying on a profitable algo when it's on a "good streak". :cool: