What hardware is needed for supporting multiple monitors?

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    I am just wondering what kind of hardware is needed for supporting multiple monitors(up to 4) so the charts will work on all of them simultaneously without a problem. For beginning i would like to start with 23 and 27inch monitor, but maybe add more as time goes on.

    What kind of hardware do i need to buy? Read> How much will i have to spend? I have no idea, and looking for a price range.

    Right now i have a thinkpad laptop with external 23inch monitor, but he is struglling if i am loading a lot of tabs and charts.
  2. If your laptop cpu can handle a bit more you can actually use USB-hdmi adapters and plug monitors into the adapter. But if you think you already reach resource limits with your laptop then you obviously should get a desktop pc. You can then use the same solution or a graphics card. I own the Nvidia NVS 810 which drives 8 displays from one card. One of the best hardware pieces I own. Consistent, no errors or other hiccups.


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  3. Could you use a desktop computer? 4-monitors on desktop is easy. Not so easy on laptop.
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    CPU is already hitting 100% at times and tabs on firefox keep crashing.
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    What CPU does your laptop have, how much RAM, and what graphics card?
  7. Most apps load into RAM and run from there. If you're CPU is running 100% at times, probably means it's grinding away at a software problem.
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    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2601 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    8GB ram

    Im using firefox and its using the cpu when viewing multiple charts and having lots of tabs.

    Could i possibly have 2 screens with this CPU& RAM?
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    This laptop is a bit under-powered for having many open tabs/charts. Despite being an i7, the i7-6500U is not tremendously powerful, and having only 8GB RAM does not help. Try Chrome instead of Firefox; it may help. Adding another 8GB of RAM is also a cheap improvement, if you have open memory slots available.
  10. Yes you can, get a USB3-hdmi adapter. Or buy a new computer. If you need this long of back and forth discussion then you seem to have issues with affording a new computer and should not be in this field in the first place. The questions you asked so far are all incredibly basic and can be searched via Google much faster. You got a lot of answers and suggestions yet you seem to have issues to show your thankfulness and all those answers don't seem to be sufficient to you. If you already make such a big drama out of a simple computer issue then this industry is definitely not suited to you. Or did you mean to turn this thread into a back and forth Windows trouble shooting event?

    Long story short, you have a shit computer but you can hook up an additional monitor if you solve your windows issues where some software is hogging resources. Or buy a new computer. Simple.

    Just sharing my honest observation

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