what happens with the saturday and sunday money?

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  1. Markets closed saturday and sunday.

    what happens to the premiums?

    I get this for today

    0.3058 0.0752 -0.0287 0.1247 0.0305 0.91 *12.96%

    and if I remove saturday and sunday

    I get this

    0.2952 0.0780 -0.0298 0.1181 0.0264 0.82 *13.69%

    Thats 9 cents

    why would I want to buy option friday if it will go down to 82 cents monday?
  2. promagma


    Something could happen over the weekend .... doesn't matter if the markets are open to respond to it.
  3. spindr0


    Premium goes to the beach on Saturday and to church on Sunday.
  4. Where did your homey 'accent' go??


  5. tomk96


    that's the price you pay for being long it over the weekend or the reward for being short it. i've seen plenty of big moves sunday night/ monday morning.
  6. Doesn't it strike you odd the markets still obey 'the weekend' in this day and age of international markets and globalization? This is the 21st century isn't it..markets should be open 24/7 like Vegas :D
  7. LeeD


    brokers and prop firms don't think they are rich enough to pay for gambling addiction treatment. So, they give "clients" a break.
  8. Most of the left over funds are setup as REPOS repurchase agreements with other banks. And they pay interest for borrowing the money over the weekend which floats over to the other side of the world. Retail doesnt do it becuase you need to lend out billions to collect anything on your investments.
  9. drcha


    Please don't suggest it. Us west coast people would never get any fucking sleep.

  10. That already happens......what time is it in the west coast when the commodity/currency markets open in the East ? I've made lots of easy money at that time..no volatility , no HFT guys , no shit :D
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