What happens when you try to game the system

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    You left out the part where you're calling everyone else on ET but you an idiot.
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  4. It's a crazy bet. Kinda morbid. But I have a few clients that did invest in a Pool of "Insurance" policies such as the ones mention.

    I have never, in my Private Equity Years (Started in 05) have ever sold or even thought about getting clients into such a "Bet".

    But it was interesting to hear the actual logic behind the investment.

    However, I'll stick to Oil Wells, Shipping Lines and Global Infrastructure plays.
  5. Let's say you have a $1m policy, cash value $200k (just throwing some numbers out there). Your reasons for buying the policy are moot. No one needs the money. Spouse is dead.

    Sell your policy to a hedge fund for $500k, they collect the $1m when you die. you have a $300k net gain.

    The insurance co has a problem with that? Let them buy back the policy for $500k.

    I suppose you can die with the $1m payout and give it away but what's the point of paying the premium?
  6. Reminds me of the Viaticals biz of a few years ago where HIV sufferers could get some handy cash with which to buy medications (probably mostly Morphine) and pay the rent whilst they died.
    Interesting court precedent.