what happens when the prez hires harold and kumar go to white castle

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  1. More spelling errors plague Obama releases
    @ 2:09 pm by Michael O'Brien
    Misspellings continued to plague the Obama administration on Thursday, after two more releases containing errors were sent to reporters in the last 24 hours.

    After misspelling the president's name as "Barak Obama" yesterday on an official document sent to reporters, the General Services Administration messed up another message when announcing it had awarded an $18 million contract to redesign the website keeping track of spent stimulus dollars.

    "Recvoery.gov Version 2.0 $18 Million Contract Awarded," the release's subject line read. ("Recovery" was spelled correctly in the body of the email.)
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    According to our esteemed resident intellectual spelling bee champs, the White House is full of uneducated, non-reading, adolescents with no standards and incapable of objective analysis.

    Or, maybe the press core just hasn't learned the eloquent nuances of Ebonics yet.