What Happens When the Fed/ECB Slow/Stop Their Assisting The Banks ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Interesting article. The longer we defer the cutting off bad institutions the worse this situation is going to get.

    They wont solve the problem until they cut this system loose
  2. The real question is whom in politics is willing to not further compound the current problem ?

    The choice is simple, either face a big problem now, or a much bigger one later.

    So which is more prudent ?

    Do poltical influences really have the framework to construct a decision ?

    The issue needs to be explained in the simplest terms possible.

    The real blanket question relates to the worldwide issue of available credit in that $2 Trillion is more than $60 Trillion in loans at 30x....

    If $100 billion tax relief infusions are currently considered to be helpful......

    Then why not be more helpful and resolve $ multi trillion issues ?
  3. Don't worry they won't stop helping banks anytime soon.
    Much less the Fed.
  4. gnome


    That's right! They will choose to "vaporize us all in an inflationary inferno*" before refusing to support the banks.

    * You should be planning for this... it's the most likely