What happens to Saddam until he's tried?

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  1. Is Saddam an "enemy combatant" or will they invent a new term for him?

    My guess is no, he will not be an enemy combatant, since they have enough to take him all the way to the firing squad...

    ...but still, it makes you wonder why a total fuckstick like Saddam gets better treatment than the detainees in Cuba...many of which may have never killed anybody...(not that we'd ever know, since the "gova-mint" is keeping their details a secret)...

    politics aside, it just doesn't seem right.

  2. Bravo bung! I couldn't have said it better myself. Liberal politics in a nutshell.
  3. "Liberal" politics? Gee, I thought the current administration wasn't liberal by your standards. Who is making these decisions? Look at what you write. You put no thought into anything. if you like something, it's because GWB made it so. If you don't, then the "liberals" are to blame.

    Get a clue. This is America. Not two countries. The United States of Conservatives, and the United States of Liberals.

    Wake up. And read a newspaper once in a while so you have at least some idea of what is going on.

  4. Very clever.
  5. spect8or!!!!

    shouldn't you just be watching and NOT participate?:confused:

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    Da sodom-man.............. hmmmm good target for an "accident" spilling his guts may not bode well for scumya and Sr:eek:

  6. Forget about reading the paper, RS. You need a remedial course in reading itself.

    I wonder whose not putting "any thought" into what he writes? Can't believe you didn't 'get' my little jibe.
  7. No, they already said that Saddam's status is "Prisoner of War." He's going to be tried in Iraq under the new Iraqi counsel of Government and found guilty and probably put to sleep by lethal injection.

    McCain said that they should not torture him under any means. This is admirable for him to say because he himself was tortured during the Vietnam War. I have a lot of respect for McCain. He is, in my opinion, highly underrated.
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    Yes his peers will give him a death sentence alright.
    I am glad he will not be tried in France.
    No good can come of keeping that murderer alive.
  9. In a closed session today, the General Assembly of the United Nations debated the fate of captured Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    "The United Nations cannot support the death penalty under any circumstance," said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. "The death penalty is a cruel and barbaric punishment now used only by the most backwards of peoples. For example, Texans."

    "Instead we will encourage the humane treatment of Mr. Hussein."

    French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) lodged a proposal on behalf of France. "Under our proposal," said de Villepin, "Saddam will write 'I will not be a brutal dictator' 100 times on the blackboard. He will then apologize to his fellows."

    De Villepin responded to claims that the French proposal did not do enough to punish Hussein. "Sacrebleu!," said de Villepin. "This is ridiculous. Our proposal is very strong. If Saddam apologizes, but does not mean it, then he will have to apologize again."

    "Also, his handwriting must be very clear. If he is hasty, he will have to do-over."

    The proposal was leading the debate. Another proposal, from Sweden, recommended that Saddam stand facing the corner for one hour. The Skeptician learned that this proposal would likely be worked into a Belgian proposal for Saddam to take "a lengthy time-out."

    When asked about the upcoming joint Swedish-Belgian proposal, British Prime Minister Tony Blair responded, "I think that we have reached a level of substantive agreement. What is in debate at this point is the duration of Saddam's 'time-out.' Our allies have suggested one hour. Our proposal would be... a little longer."

    Rip Rowan, The Skeptician
  10. He gets fat and sassy [and HBO] :-/
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