What happens to banks whom had their entire reserves in stock of FNM,FRE,LEH & AIG?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by The Kin, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. FDIC is going to use up that line of credit this Friday alone and will have to goto the Fed to access the discount window.

    GM and F must also be preparing bankruptcy papers as we speak, an ultimatum to the Fed.

    "All these years we've been running congress to get money. We should have thought of blackmailing the Fed and it's unlimited cash years ago! Those Investment Bankers are really smart dudes!!"
  2. toc


    Many more to come.......the reason..........November Elections!

    The real power brokers on the Wall Street and Washington DC understand that US economy is in major default type danger. They want Obama to win but the problem is since Palin got her ticket with McCain the whole of US has gone crazy trying to sniff up her skirts and get a lucky lick of her juices.

    The wise money, the real power holder, the blinderberg group types are engineering this crash in the financial sector.

    No wonder CNN reports that election was won on Septermber 15 itself.

    Hope so too! McCain's agenda will hurt the US beyond repair and we do not want that. :D