What happens to a market when everyone is long?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. We may just find out.
  2. sakhter


    if 95% of traders are wrong, and everyone is long.. I would say short that shit!
  3. everybody is not long. retail has not yet flooded back into the market.
    when the crash happened stocks were transfered from weak hands into strong hands. when things look all clear stocks will be sold back to weak hands.
  4. too bad you don't know what 95% of retail traders are really betting.:D

    I'd say a fairly large sample are scrambling to cover or praying right about now.

    2003 all over again. Look it up in your history books.
  5. You think retail sold???? They are waiting for mooooooore and moooooore. They want new highs. They are very hopeful.

    This should ring some alarm bells.

    Not that the markets will fall apart today or tomorrow. But that magic bid will be gone as dipsters start getting sold to.

    The tide has changed my friend.
  6. LMAO.... why is it 2003 and not 2002!?!?!?

    Market rallied 2400 points after 9/11 before making new lows in 2002.

    You do have one thing right though. History ALWAYS repeasts.

  7. that is a typically uneducated view that you find in the txtbooks.

    If everyone is long, the market is always correct, it means that jesus, mohammad and buddha will descend to earth soon
  8. FB123


    95% of traders are not long. There have been lots of people warning about divergences and looking for a top. Heck, we had a thread about that running just yesterday. My clueless friend has been trying to pick the top all the way up. When he stops buying the inverse ETF and starts going long, I'll know that the top is in.
  9. jnorty


    So when all were looking for a bottom in march they were all wrong? all i heard every day leading up to the march low was the bottomw as near and we'd rally big. hell even former bears fleckenstein and kass threw in the towell short and went long. BUT ITS OK WHEN ALL LOOKING FOR A BOTTOM AND IT HAPPENS BUT WHEN 5% OF THE WORLD IS BEARISH LOOKING FOR A TOP ITS BAD AND MEANS WE GO HIGHER.thats the greatest tool for wall street to use to brainwash people to keep buying. i guess huge short interest declines 5 of the last 6 months and record insider selling is not bearish? I LOOK WHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING AND NOT SAYING AND THE MAJORITY ARE LONG NOT SHORT. AS AS FAR AS THE RETAIL GUY YOU EVER THOUGHT MOST ARE IN DISTRESS AND CAN'T GO LONG?and i know for a fact few retail people sold and held on which means we never got capitulation.. this is far from over
  10. For that matter, when I logged into TDAmer today, I noticed a Flash-animation widget on the homepage recommending covered-writing. They're telling retail to get short some deltas...
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