What happens if we find fossils on Mars?

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    I mean this is a good question. Does this affect the markets? Would there be mass hysteria? Say Beagle, or Spirit, or Opportunity digs in and sends back pictures of fossils buried beneath a sandy layer of rock?

    Before you laugh, this might happen in less than 7 months. If just ONE of those robots manages to land on Mars, we could get pictures of a fossil. The robots are certainly being sent to the bottom of a past body of water, and the rocks there will have fossils if there was life. NASA is supposedly really playing this down because, well, that's what NASA does.

  2. i would be first to go long boeing and coke :D
  3. the mars rover was great. i really hope NASA's new missions are successful. i hope they find something good, too.

  4. and just in case the martians start attacking us, how bout some WEL
  5. Whata ya think, long or short???

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    seriously, that pathfinder thing couldn't have found a hooker in paris if it wanted to. these babies are not your grandfather's pathfinder.

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    long: GLBL; OII; TORC; CDIS.

    After robots these folks would be the first workers to go due to prior weightless environment working atmosphere, and breathing mediums.
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  9. thx for the links, funky. btw, i agree about the river/lake. :cool:
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