What happens if the US Dollar breaks support

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  1. Its almost their, it appears the US Treasury, and the Federal Reserve are more concerned about the stock market, like its not high enough. What we need is a Fed that will fight inflation.

    What happens if the dollar breaks below 80.00?
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    Sell. Load up in Swiss franc, gold, euro. Prepare to reverse, the dollar aint gonna die with out a fight
  3. LOL, the dollar has no fight left. This "Market" reaching for new highs, smoke and mirrors for the long run.

    The pound just toped 2 us dollars, the YEN is kicking the dollars ass. A weaker dollar means more EXPORT of US goods.

    Inflation is spiking, Food cost will be up 3% by end of year, Enegry Prices are going higher, wages are not keeping pace and the consumer carrying massive debt.

    The dollar can break low and fly lower, as long as the US consumer spends the weak dollar in the US, he/she has no Idea how much wealth they have lost in the last 4 years.

    Dollar will not only break lower but shall collapse. Question is how bad will it get when "Friends" start dumping the dollar as
    oil moves to trade with out "Greenbacks".

    If you travel to the EU/England you will soon find out, just how "Rich" this nation is...LOL......

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    Funny, your post initially came across as a reasonable economic explanation than you finished with an anti-US sense... just an observation :D
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    The positive spin on the declining US $ is that
    companies with overseas exposure will have strong earnings.

    Well, that is fine, but what about the public who has to deal with increasing commodity prices (oil, wheat, corn, etc).
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    Obviously this is a significant long term level of support for the US dollar. The market could break down through it, but I suspect this level will hold. If the dollar does hold support, then we can expect US interest rates to continue to firm up and lead to near-term weakness in the S&P 500 (currently testing recent Feb '07 High).

    Needless to say, there are several markets poised at important support/resistance levels.
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    $ breaks 80.00 then 75.00 all the down to 50.

  8. If $ drop to 50, how will this affect the housing market?If I have a 500K loan, does it mean that I make 250K, if $ drop to 40?
  9. Dollar down again this morning. WhAt will it take to get it up?
    Oh yea a tough Fed, oh well forget that, Gentle Ben to the rescue NOT.

    If it breaks that support line, I bet we get some action then.
  10. News Flash! Dollar Takes A Tumble, REALLY.

    I wish someone would explain to folks how little their dollars are really worth, and how the US dominated assets are getting pulled down.

    Why would anyone want to do that, its bad news. Lets focus on STOCK MARKET NEAR ALL TIME HIGH!
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