What happens if detroit cannot pay for its police etc..

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  1. When they can no longer pay fire, water, sewer, and peace officers, and bankruptcy is a fait accompli.

    Michigan has already taken over Flint. They need to move on to Detroit.
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  2. What most of you do not realize is that a huge amount of young whites have moved into downtown Detroit in the last few years, as old buildings have been turned into lofts.

    The neighborhoods are collapsing, but there has been an intense effort to revitalize the downtown...its still a work in progress, but you can buy waterfront property, on an international border, very, very cheap. This is the time that rich whites are buying downtown properties at ridiculous prices, so that 10 years from now they will make huge profits. Are they taking risk? Of course, but that is how fortunes are made. Now you can buy whole city blocks on the cheap...I mean seriously on the cheap.

    I have gone to the casinos late at night and seen young white people riding their bikes off into really scary areas at 2am and seeming really out of place, but its happening more and more. In that regards you must also remember that Michigan allows concealed carry with an easily obtainable permit and open carry without one. So it is legal to be armed for self defense purposes and a lot of people carry multiple handguns, not just criminals, but law abiding citizens as well. Michigan also has a "Stand Your Ground" law.

    The Detroit River allows access to the Great Lakes and I have know people who make the long trip boating to Chicago from this area.

    Right across the Detroit river is Windsor in Canada where full nudity bars, with very lenient rules... like nothing in the US and even escorts are legal. Cuban cigars and all kinds of other things are tolerated over there. Detroit recently voted to de-criminalize small amounts of marijuana (that maybe tied up in court).

    My point is that the unusual combinations of conservative freedoms and liberal freedoms exist in the Detroit area, while at the same time things such as real estate are at rockbottom prices.

    Maybe the State of Michigan will start running things soon and all that incompetent leadership that has ruined the city will be nullified.

    Maybe Detroit now, is how PCLN was back in 2001...super cheap and risky, but a great opportunity.
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  3. Refreshing read and thats how America was built . . . the problem with todays metrosexuals is they're too quick to don panties and complain about everything.
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