What happens if detroit cannot pay for its police etc..

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    Lived in SE Michigan for much of my life, even was 313 back in the day. Detroit has been bad news for three generations. Obviously the voters there are not about to vote for anyone that will change course. The only conclusion one can draw is that voters prefer their current situation to one most of us would call better. High crime, gang bangers dropping homies left and right, drugs and blight are all superior (in their minds) to having white folks move in or (heaven forbid) actually help run the place.

    It's a lot easier to live in a shithole when you do not see other people living like human beings.
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    Ahh, so it was leaving the Detroit area that made you the cheerful person you are today.

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    So, what's your excuse?

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    Alcohol poisoning.

    Either that or he contracted syphilis that infamous night on the beaches of Orlando.
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    You bet, leaving Detroit has made my life better, far better. Charlotte is not sunk in a swamp of liberalism and therefore is doing reasonably well. Is there anyone stupid enough to believe that they would be better off staying near Detroit in the late 90s vs. moving to Charlotte like I did? (I mean, other than libtards.) I've posted more jokes than you have by a long shot, appears I am far more cheerful than your dour self. OTOH, I don't give enemas every day, so perhaps that's why I am more cheerful than you - might not be a fair comparison. Maybe you should put your actions where your mouth is and move to Detroit. Let's see how many jokes you crack then, LOL. Let's see you move to your mecca, Detroit is liberal through and through.
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    Yeah, you sound real happy.
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    So, it's either his liver/brain or his penis/brain. Could be all three, I suppose. :)
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  8. And you are drunk and divorced...
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  9. Or a prion disease.
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  10. No. The state will take it over, as per their rules. Should Michigan be unable bear the burden, then the Federal Government will assume the responsibility for that city.

    Detroit is an American city, and since those who "do not give a shit" have no meaningful power, this city will under go successful restructuring, just as GM and Fannie Mae have done.
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