What happens at the end of the year when 1.5 million people stop getting benefits?

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  1. yeah that is worrying. good post and find.
  2. in usa dont you get income based jobseekers allowance like we get in UK?? :confused: :eek:

    it would be absurd if you have a system where if you cant find any job after a certain number of months or years you are just ''dumped and left to die of starvation''. :confused: :eek:

    If thats whay USAs policy really is wont 10% of you all be homeless and starving soon?? :confused:
  3. After a round or two of benefits extensions, the US will come to understand that we've got "structural and permanent" unemployment.... LOTS of it... and "what's to be done about it" will be quite an issue.
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    and unfortunately this might be the only sobering reality that wakes this country up.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama pass the " Keeping America on it's feet" bill and extending those benefits until 2015
  6. America is going to be shocked when it understands the number of in situ jobs which pay well are scarce. Those will require significant schooling or doing things others don't want to.. and will likely be hard on your body and get you dirty.

    The rest of the jobs will be low-wage and folks will have to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate. Won't like it, of course. Won't have a choice, either.

    We REALLY shot ourselves in the foot when we outsourced middle-class jobs....
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    i agree. america unfortunately is on the wrong side of globalization.

    as the world comes together and wages/standards of living come into balance, as jobs are dispersed worldwide, americans i think will go through a generation of adjustment.
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