What happenned to the posts on Hold Brothers ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by toptrader99, May 14, 2002.

  1. What happenned, did they threaten to sue you guys for allowing people to say what jerks they are ?
  2. What happeend to the post about Worldco?
  3. Bryan Roberts

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    it was mentioned that Hold bros did request in a legal manner, that their broker rating's be removed from this site. who cares...they probably will go bust soon anyway!!!!
  4. I knew they had to threaten someone with legal action, with all the attorneys on staff there, they have to give them something to do. Lord knows they dont want to listen to their traders. Their "leader" lol, if you could actually say that without laughing, is such a social misfit, that he cant have a conversation with someone without 1st running away and saying how busy he is. This goes for his best traders too.

    Go figure.
  5. ziggurat


    there really is no need for a thread about this company, as every indication i can see is that the place is about to go belly up. last week they lost a few more of their surviving traders, along with some trade support staff.

    the trading floor is barren and only about a dozen traders are at their desks at any one time. there is not a single person at this place who is not looking for work elsewhere. not a one.

    how are other firms doing???
    i heard mixed signals from schonfeld, and very little from andover.
    any others???
  6. I agree, not many good firms out there, but I am a consultant for traders as well as firms to help connect the few good traders with the equally good people/firms that are left.

    Keep in touch as i do talk with some reputable people who are always on the lookout for good traders and offer fair deals to them.

  7. It makes me damn happy that they are going out of business. I think everyone who has traded there feels the same. The two brothers should have wore ski masks because they were a pair of thieves. I think Greg goes beyond the point of being a "social misfit". His movements and mannerisms are alien like and not human. Plus, his spindly physique adds to the effect. Although I admit the freak is intelligent, so was the uni-bomber. A team of Psychologists could have a field day with him. Steve is just an airhead riding on his brothers coat-tales. A conversation with him is like talking to a block of wood. I just feel bad for all the traders they suckered with their Skeffington LLC crapola. They will all lose their deposits when the company goes belly up in a month or two.