what happened with ER2 today?

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    first sorry for my english. does anyone have any idea what is behind today's 15point short on ER2?

    thank you very much
  2. The R2K index was down 10.69 pts or 1.35 percent.

    This is nothing to write home about.

    2 or even 3% declines/rises are not uncommon for the Russell.

    Its a high beta index, even more than the Nasdaq.
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    thank you for your reply. I'm trading only a few month and never seen on emini such a move. I try to find some answer on cnbc or bloomber (any hint where to find valuable info or analysis?) I'd like to understand more the market not only technical analysis.
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  6. the russell is heavily infested :)

    with oil stocks

    when oil tanks, generally speaking, the russell is weak

    feel free to track the correlations

    oil was down 2% today

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    Google is not in RUT.
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    Well, you are right in this: the average daily range for the ER2 futures is typically closer to 11:

    ADR 5: 11.4
    ADR20: 10.3
    ADR50: 11.2
    ADR200: 12.5

    So, todays range of 16.1 is clearly outside the norm. Even so, the daily isn't falling apart and there are indications that it may yet rebound should it stay above 780 or so. It's not fun being bearish...yet.

    best, amg

    <a href="http://versaluna.com/2006/061218_er2D.png"><img src="http://versaluna.com/2006/061218_er2D.png" width="150"></a>
  9. Nice pic!

    ER hanging in at the moment...

  10. ER2 has barely moved for months.....historically the last few months are unusual......you can't base your trading on a month can you? Pull up the history.....
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