What Happened with Doug Allen Last Year?

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  1. Remember that guy?

    I sigend up LOL..just tto see what it was all about. I received one email about Coaching and then it died off.

    Was that the scam? Was he selling a coaching course?

    any news on the episode?
  2. Pekelo


    My best guess is that yes, he was a spammer selling his MLM friends' services. Once he realized that ET has a specially tough crowd, he quietly stayed away.

    Maybe I will stop by his house and ask him. :)
  3. Actually he collected a huge amount of email addresses and sold them. I suddenly got a ton of SPAM in an otherwise quiet inbox. I had to close out the address and make a new one.

    He ended being a total scammer with well-thought out plan to profit off the whole spiel.p$
  4. ok thx...I am amazed he went through all that to push such crap and small money rewards....

    Oh well. Guess we'll see the next D. Allen here soon?
  5. Pekelo


    You really just had to mention it: :) (posted today)

  6. I think it is really weird how Doug just disappeared.

    Here's the thing - his psychology training videos really were very good. I can't see someone doing all that work to make those videos just to collect emails and spam people. I think he meant well when he set out to do what he was doing...but whatever happened...who knows?

    If he's still alive and well, you would think he would inform the people of the group with what's happening. But so far not a peep...so who knows.

    He was right about one thing...alot of people on ET always think they "know" things just based on their assumptions. Like it's always game over because you have found the answer without any real proof.

    Anyway, as traders we all know anything can happen. The only thing I know FOR SURE about Doug's disappearance can be summed up with :confused: .

  7. Hi,

    To be fair I kept an open mind. I didn't jump to any assumptions and signed up to his free service. I got two emails saying he was working on it....then nothing. Disappeared.

    Maybe he was legit and decided it wasn't worth his time....I really do not know.

    I too can't believe he did all that to sell emails..It doesn't make any sense to me?
  8. At the same time. . .when a private email I gave him suddenly is opened up to a large amount of spam - it points to him, and it does not reflect well.gA

  9. Pekelo


    OK, I will explain:

    The spam wasn't about getting 200 emails, which isn't even a big number, but to get traders to sign up to his friend, the female psychologist's services.( or whoever she is.)

    Now it is possible that he was actually looking for 1-2 traders to trade for him, but the rest of the people signed up would have been advised to use her PAID services after a while. We pointed this out fairly early and then the game was up, and unless he wanted to lose face and prove us right, he couldn't go forward with the "here is her services" email.

    MLM people like to help each other even when they are in different categories of the business. This explains everything, but if you guys are interested I can give him a call....

    Knowing Doug (I mean Robert) is loving Robert:

    From his Linkedin profile:

    R. Douglas Allen’s Contact Settings
    Interested In:
    -consulting offers
    -new ventures
    -job inquiries
    -expertise requests
    -business deals
    -reference requests
    - getting back in touch


    I specially liked the fact that his fund operates out of UPS stores:

    Copyright 2008 Blue Lion Capital Management, L.L.C.
    203 Main St. Suite* 191, Flemington, NJ 08822
    All Rights Reserved

    Compare with:

    203 MAIN ST
    FLEMINGTON, NJ 08822

    * aka mailbox
  10. Why would anyone pay to sign up with a "psychologist" who used remote viewing?

    You might as well pay a psychic $10 to read tea leaves. At least you might get a cup of tea out of it...
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