What happened? Trading was supposed to give me freedom, Now I am working like a dog

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  1. Trading was supposed to give me freedom, Now I am working like a dog.
    All day long, looking at things, reading different things.

    I went into trading with the promise of time, peace, reading books about enlightenment (yeah you heard me), walking in the parks, going fishing.

    What the hell. I spend my days looking for multiple edges and planing plan B and C and D. Creating what if scenarios. Worrying about volatility and the FED

    nobody told me it was gonna be like this :mad:

    gosh darn it
  2. Wait wait what part of that is work? :)

    I love trading and I love everything you just described as "work". I highly recommend anyone who isn't passionate about trading to stop before it destroys their lives and they start hating it.

    Trading is fun

    8-5 jobs aren't

    End of story
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    I read an interview with some great trader, can't recall the name... he made himself and friends and family wealthy. When asked what he thought of trading after decades of success he said he wished he'd never heard of it!
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    Well then, maybe you should find another web site with a different theme to pollute.
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    If you could think of his name, I'd love to read the interview. Did he say why he wished he'd never heard of it?
  6. probably burned out by the end
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    All I recall is that he was in the midwest and did really well for a couple of decades at least. He did not elaborate on his statement, it was the last thing in the interview. I'm guessing that it was all a big hassle and the money didn't make him happy...

  8. +1

    The majority will never feel/appreciate the fun of trading

    It's playtime, never work!
  9. You are free to work as much or as little as you please, and as intelligently as you are capable if you so choose. And you will be rewarded accordingly. That's more freedom than you will likely find elsewhere. If you want more, then you are not seeking freedom. Rather, you are looking for a handout. Good luck with that.
  10. That why 95% fail. They aren't looking for independence, they are looking for the gravy train.

    Here's a tip. If u have a real edge, then widen ur time frame.

    There u go, all the time u need.
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