What happened today....

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    What happened today was a classic case of letting the sheeple public buy in and drive the market higher. Meanwhile, the specialists all came in from enjoying their cigars and hit the bids relentlessly to transfer the cash to their account.

    Textbook. Rinse and repeat.
  2. Who cares.
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    i began to get short fri. and added to my positions today....market deeply oversold. ofcourse, the sheeple buy in, resistance was around 780 on the spooz
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    I got short as well, but during the day I started getting really nervous thinking that the rally was going to run for another two days. I was 12 points from having my position closed.
  6. I bought it on the opening (YM) and sold it at noon. did not inigiate any short. maybe just a pullback, tomorrow's FOMC will stire something up.

    good luck.

    the bear market is wild, be cautious. actually it is just up a little, I am bullish, if it hits 7300 again, i will buy it again
  7. Short term overbought.
  8. charts


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  9. lmao :D
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    Are you looking for a dow drop to 7100 or 6800?
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