What happened to tiger woods game?

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    man, did his drug and personal problem affecting his game..is he self-sabotaging his game.?

    player sabatage. he lost in purpose. rigging the game. like player in a game letting the other player win. or losing on purpose.

    self-sabotages is when a player or trader shoots himself in the head. never trade when you feel suicidal. that is suicide trade.

    tiger wood looks suicidal and on drugs.

    traders are is like players a football game or players in roller derby.. trading is game or sport. especially in daytrading.
  2. Apparently, those hookers accounted for quite a few strokes.
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    trading is like sports is psychological if you are not 100% automated trading system. in sports it's technical too..any professional sports player will tell you this. golf is technical too.

  4. Tiger Woods has been using PED's and blood doping for years.

    Everyone always talks about how great he is on the 4th day of tournaments, it's because everyone else is exhausted and he's fresh thanks to modern chemistry.
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    Exactly, roids baby.
  6. yeah, probably drugs and blood doping since 2 year old:

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  7. Perhaps he has come to terms that no amount of money can replace what he lost.
  8. haha thats great, little Tiger so cute, daddy did not know he became a beast later in life devouring white pussy:D
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  10. Now he can't get his balls near the hole.
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