what happened to these great posters?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blackguard, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. 1) Optional777
    2) fasterpussycat
    3) super_ego
    4) marketsurfer
    5) praetorian2

    where are they now?
  2. ktm


    p2 doesn't visit much any more. I think he finds less value here and he's busy running his fund.
  3. You gotta be like Sherlock Holmes and figure out which aliases they are all operating under now. Only one of the guys on the list am I nearly certain no longer visits.
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yeah, there's only one person on that list that doesn't visit here regularly.
  5. the way i understand it, the late great<i> marketsurfer</i>( bless him) sold his soul, his site and was drafted by a competitor of ET. he is supposedly being paid big bucks to provide wisdom and prose for said competitor.

    take these rumours as you will......

  6. Can you tell what was great about him?

    I think he was a great entertainer, but not even above average
  7. Fasterpussycat is the greatest trader ever to grace this planet...

    May the Pussy rest in peace...
  8. Htrader

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    Praetorian had some really useful posts. Can't say much for the rest of that list.

    People I wish still posted would be

    1. Praetorian2
    2. Seanote
    3. Hitman (too bad he's out of trading)
    ...plus a couple of others I can't recall right now

    They were the few who would post real, successful, trades and talk about them.
  9. Hitman will be back... trust me...
  10. cable


    What happened to him? Blow up? Or did he finally get the girl and move to the Bahamas?
    #10     Aug 11, 2005