What happened to the tuco thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mnx, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. mnx


    I already asked Magna and he said he didn't delete it...

    So Joe/Baron, what happened to the
    "Looks like Tuco is having legal issues" thread???

    - mnx
  2. i want to know as well - it was a very important thread.
  3. hughb


    Somebody should have put some pro-nazi propaganda with a page hit bot in it.
  4. That Tuco discussion was one of the most important threads to appear on ET all year.

    I STILL frequently encounter people who wish to make trading stocks their full time career, yet think that getting their series 7 is optional, not mandatory. Deleting such a key thread constitutes a major disservice to all of us. :confused:
  5. onelot


    It still IS optional, and should stay that way.

    If I want to pool money with other traders into a retail or prime acct (without getting a 7), and pay the guy who takes care of all the logisitics a fee too do it, under current law, I should have the right to do so. Just, apparently, can't call that fee "commissions" anymore.

    But I also strongly agree with you, that was an exceedingly important thread for the direction of the industry in general and most importantly the discussion of the jurisdiction of the sec wrt to private agreements between traders and within private companies. The importance of that thread went way beyond Tuco.

    Would really like to hear a comment from Baron as it appears he is the one that deleted it. That type of censorship does more harm than good to the community you provide a forum for.
  6. baron could you please explain the deletion of the Tuco thread?

    thanks ahead of time.
  7. I am beginning to sence Gov. Censorship here. Please tell me it ain't so?????????????????
  8. very suspicious. the thread was closed and reopened and now its gone. maybe other llc's that advertise like jc trading asked for it to be closed as it puts them in a bad light.
  9. for Baron not to respond i am thinking the SEC has something to do with it.
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