What happened to the old traders

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    I've been away for a long time, almost 15 years. It's good to see the site still active. It looks like a few of the main old names disappeared around 2013-2014, including Don Bright and Oldtrader, for example. Anyone know what happened? Retired on a beach somewhere hopefully?
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  2. Don Bright of Bright Trading right? Haven't heard that name in decades.
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  3. Don Bright passed away


    Most long time traders either retired, moved on to other businesses, or only trade part time now thanks to HFT destroying the markets.
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    What happened to Nodoji?
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    Yeah, it looks like his posts stopped here in 2012 or so. He was pretty active here back in the day, some posting, a little selling. I did go in and talk to Bright about prop trading circa 2002.
  6. Having been here since 2002,and i did move to the beach--- but very few if any have lasted -- The great don bright &Tampa died, as did Jack Hershey -And likely many others- many blew out and changed focus, some got bored and quit, others couldn't handle market changes. I think Maverick74 and I are the only ones left from the first generation.
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    Wow, Don passing didn't pop up on the first page of my search here. Sorry to hear it.
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  8. I assume HFT was a typo and you meant to write FED in its place
  9. That's bizzare reasoning. But i expect no less from someone still expecting a recession in 2016

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