What happened to the good old days?

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  1. I've noticed over the last ten years or so that sport has all but lost its personalities.
    Remember tennis in the 70's & 80's when
    when we had blokes like Connors and McEnroe having fits and what not?

    Remember back to when Formula 1 wasn't boring, watching Mansell and Senna duel it out? Then tension off the track was as intense as on.

    Why has it changed?
  2. Television ratings and feedback, combined with right wing extremist religious groups taking control of popular entertainment.

    McEnroe was f'n great, he was ENTERTAINING.
    Still is, as a commentator, his talk show died badly because people were expecting "the McEnroe", not an articulate, intelligent person.

    I think the expression is "soccer mom's" suggesting, little johnny can't crash tackle anymore, despite the fact that belting people might be integral to the sport.

    Oh, and insurance companies had a big say in it, particularly after the raft of WWF related loungeroom lawsuits over the last decade or so.
  3. Sports personalities(very few real ones now), in my opinion are entertainers.
    Look at Dennis Rodman for example. He's a total fool but an interesting one never the less.
    It seems to me that not long ago sports personalities had something extra. Love them or hate them, back then I had and interest in their winning or losing. Now I could care less. I want to see some who wear their hearts on thier shirt sleeves.
  4. Here's another thing. Why don't they make most, if not all, golf tournaments match play? For goodness stakes its much more entertaining and easier to follow. More skins games would raise the rating too, I'll bet.:confused:
  5. Dennis Rodman? True enough, but he can play.........cant he?

    Mind you, look at jordan.......best ever..i never saw any "personality" as such, he just plaayed.

    Maybe the personalities havent changed, there are always red hot performers, just the expectations, and broadcasting rules have changed?

    Just guessing, i was wondering the same thing...........you can't call Lance Armstrong a "personality", the sport doesnt lend itself to that, but best ever? yup.......

    Edit..re: golf
    Golf has never had any "personalities", its a boring pastime designed to facilitate business meeting's.
  6. Good points and you could be right about golf but if they revamped the format, they'd attract alot more viewers by making it more gladiatorial.

    If I were a professional sports person I would consider it in my best interest to be very individualistic. strictly from a business point of view, the higher my profile the more endorsements and the more cash. I wouldn't even need to be number one so long as my antics attract attention.
    Hollywood is built on this. I mean look at the, so called, stars; I don't think that there is a less deserving bunch of idiots than them but they have mastered the art of drawing attention to themselves.
  7. Watch the NBA... they act like animals on and off the court.
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    What happened to the good old days? Well, simply put it : they are gone...
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    They are still here just not as visable. How many cable channels were there 25 years ago? How many are there now?

    The MLB All Star game is tonight but who will watch with all the other choices?

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    Today, the sports personalities who receive the most news coverage are those that display the most detestable behavior.
    There is an Endless supply.

    Bonds, Owens, Tyson, etc, etc ...

    are you suggesting popular entertainment has become LESS crass and the "right-wing extremist religious group" are to blame
    for the lack of sports personalities?

    another person to loathe ... an endless supply of them also. (It's funny, I'm not even religious, I just detest slander and stupidity)
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