What happened to silver today?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mizhael, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. anybody knows?
  2. It's going to +50$ an ounce!

    Don't get left behind in the greatest bull market in history!:D
  3. ?......December is making new contract highs? :confused:
  4. i could see that from my Bloomberg ... I was asking about the stories behind...

    anybody knows...?
  5. The high priests of the central banks had yet another sacrifice of their currencies and long-term economic sanity in the name of "let's keep 'em rallies and short-term econ indicators on financial steroids!"

    Always better for PMs than anything else.
  6. Why don't you try reading the news on your Bloomberg that relates to silver?
  7. ?...!.....all-time highs in gold. Silver is rallying in sympathy. :eek:
  8. QE2
  9. Just because BOJ keeps rates 0 and Ben said something yesterday?
  10. A lot of London-based quant funds are believed to be enormous buyers. :(
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