What happened to Ramoutar report?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Merc, Jul 28, 2003.

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    Where the latest thread gone?
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    Remoter ?
  3. They will probably delete this thread too.

    For some reason this guy seems to get privelages as if he is a paying ET sponsor.

  4. It was good they removed it in my opinion... the thread was going nowhere, and was simply an exercise in self-promotion for Ramoutar...
  5. That is the reason I removed it.


    The poll and thread were started to gauge two things: 1) Was there a majority interest in the reports? 2) If so, how often would folks like to see them?

    I have not see any the replies nor the results of the poll since late last night. Many of the replies I did see were ignorant, malicious and unfounded. After logging in, I now see that the thread has been removed. Accussations of "blatant commercialism" have yet to be backed up by anything other than one's very subjective opinion. When authoring the reports, I exercised strict caution to insure "no commercialism", so that the net result was advice and education. My 200+ posts stand for themselves, they are public, until they are removed, and open for anyone to extract any statement that exudes commericalism. The burden of proof rests upon the accusers, anything less than blatant proof, is nothing more than self-serving malice. All of us have seen blatant snake oiling here, and if you see my participation here as such, that is a testament to your conditioning. You will see nothing else but advice, help and the sharing of knowledge.

    It appears that on ET, one can only proclaim themselves as a successful trader, when they are allowed to by several members. There is nothing in ET's policy that tells someone not to refer to themselves as successful, and stops them from providing helpful information here. I may one day become a paid advertiser here, and I can assure you that the thanks and support from some and the bashing and smearing by others will shape that decision.

    My participation here on ET is not geared toward generating revenue, its getting to know all of you. Now that many of you helped me know you better, by your posts, I reassess what I will share in open forums, and the time I take doing so.

    ET management will tell me what the next step of the reports will be here on ET.
  7. YOU have an agenda, THEY are running a privately owned business venture. Was and is just a matter of time.


    patefern, click on the little number below my name, and see what my agenda has been. Interesting how you were the first one to question my "agenda" on the first report, and said nothing else about them until four weeks later. You blend in well here.
  9. When I asked why you were writing the report you replied, no need for any other discussion 4 days or 4 weeks later.

    Read the posts of Quah and Trajan, they come to mind quickly, as people who come to a public forum to share experience and ideas. If you didn't have something to sell I would view you in a different light.

    Keep contributing to this board if you like but let this thread die, it serves no purpose.


    I have sent a PM to you, Patefern.
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