What happened to Porch Trader? aka rcg

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  1. Did he finally have enough good sense to crawl in a hole or did he get banned?

    Maybe mr "I make money every day" struck it rich and made back his dollar. :D
  2. pspr


    I think he slinked off to lick his wounds after LEAPup smacked him around and he made those statements about fallen Marines he crossed a line. Then, even Baron admonished him in the last comment of that thread before he deleted it.

    So, Buckwheat got shot down by just about everyone for his bad comments, he was still upset over a Mod moving his lying journal to Chit Chat and the final straw was Baron's admonishment.

    I doubt we will see him back this year if ever. Especially since his supporters have also mostly stopped posting their nonsense here.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Maybe he is back in county.
  4. Well there's always gullible posters like tsing around ignoring the obvious.
  5. I better warn you . . . Tsing is very masculine.:(.
  6. Lucrum


    I'm pretty sure tsing is not an RCG "supporter".
  7. Tsing isn't a RCG supporter , he just gave Phoenix a tongue lashing the other day.:p.
  8. pspr


    You just don't like PT because he beats you up all the time. :D
  9. So lil cheerleader what's that make you , catcher?
  10. I know for a fact that he's logged in since the incident .

    He's probably dreaming up another meaningful handle because Range Controlled Geometry went over like chitlins at a bar mitzvah.

    I have a few suggestions for him:

    Simian Porticus
    Affirmative Action left tail trading
    1800butt hurt trading
    Hershey Highway trading
    opaque insights
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