what happened to option holders on 911?

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    people who bought or wrote options in September of 2001 when the market was closed for 10 days or what it was, what happened to them. did they lose all their options time value or even expire before the market reopened?
  2. ?........I believe 9/11/2001 was a Tuesday. Option expiration would have been Friday the 21st, not the 14th when markets were still closed. Let's just say that when markets re-opened on Monday the 17th, a lot of money changed hands very, very quickly.
  3. Seriously, that is a great topic. Lots were on the take on the airline puts before that horrible day.

    I wonder if they ever traced it to those on the take back to the towelheads that had it planned. Lots of conspiracy theories I'm sure....
  4. Yes they did. It was all a hedge for another position by a fund manager.

  5. What happened to option holders?

    Well, I had a bunch of OTM SPX put spreads...

    Yeah, I got f*cked up.

    Luckily it wasn't enough to shut me down, but it sure hurt.

    Be careful out there! :cool:
  6. Vol was ummm PUMPED!
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    thanks fr the posts, ab and brown was one of the banks that the trading trails lead. sounds like the cia uses it alot. one of of the guys at the bank was given high level cia position after 911. im sure only the dumb guys shorted the airlines. 332 is skull and bones number , market bottomed on 3/3/03, to lpck in long term capital gains from shorts, caspian sea stuff etc. wasnt aware of pentagon being hit where records of pentagon finance were kept or that no luggage found at crash site . saw no wing marks on the pentagon and photos of underside of flight 175 with the pod and tube on underside. document cjcsl 3610a changed the chain of command for the airforce in the summer of 2001
  8. Great so your real reason for starting this thread was so you could post conspiracy theory crap. Arent there whole huge web pages where you can spin that stuff?