What happened to OBL?

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    I just saved all of you 15 minutes of drivel from two raging d-bags.

    You can thank me later.

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    Why not? They talk about your "special" Chicago buddy Rahmmy E. later in the interview. LMAO.

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  5. Great interview. Thanks.

    Dr. Pieczenik is a former deputy Secretary of State under THREE Administrations.

    To summarize, Peizenik said the CIA had provided ongoing medical treatment to Bin Laden prior to 911. Given the shortened lifespan due to his known illness, OBL couldn't have survived more than a year after 911. Meaning he died ~10 years ago.

    Reminds me of Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch and Flight 93.

    Pat Tillman was fragged by his own unit. Jessica Lynch never went down in a blaze of glory. And flight 93 was shot down.

    All fairy tales invented by the Pentagon to rally support behind the War on Terror.

    OBL was a CIA asset used against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Google "Tim Osman". That was his codename. The CIA had worked closely with Bin Laden right up until 911. This is what Peizienick confirmed and why the CIA knows so much about his medical problems (the US treated him. Google an French Agency Press report that came out right after 911 "Bin Laden treated in American hospital"). OBL succumbed to his maladies shortly after 911, but was resurrected by the Pentagon to keep the figurehead of terror alive in the minds of Americans to bolster support for the War on Terror.

    His body was reportedly dumped in the ocean because we were never meant to see it. If we did - and that's assuming they still have it - it would be a rotting, purified corpse by now. Doesn't exactly add up, does it?

    So they destroyed the evidence. Then make up a fairy tale that resonates with patriots.

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    Im a glutton for punishment, so i clicked on the link.....

    As soon as i saw Alex Jones(0:02) i bailed....

    Good call .... :D
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    Yeah, you probably already know some of the stuff in the interview like that your bbuddy in Chicago Rahmmy E. has a MASTERS DEGREE IN BALLET!

    Shiite! He's an VERY educated man. He must really know how to bend in any direction. Obama must like him Barry much. LMAO.

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    Yep there's more too.

    Part 3


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    Here's the entire podcast. The Doc's interview starts about half way thru.


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