what happened to NYSE "opening indications" ?

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Do you want to see the NYSE "opening indication

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  2. no / it doesn't matter

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  1. The vital statistic that everyone needed and needs to make rationale decisions on the opening is gone.
    The "opening indication" is no longer showing on the NYSE pre 9:30 et.

    Can you believe that the NYSE would deprive the public of the most basic, helpful info it has already
    been disseminating for decades ?

    Is there anyone else outragesd?
  2. if you trade, you have an opinion here.
    geez, where am i ?
  3. not a single trader has an opinion here ? does anyone trade ?
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  5. Not sure what you're talking about. I had opening indications up through and including today.
  6. thats curious as the nyse officially stopped showing them weeks ago.
  7. Indeed it is.

    Here are some from today:

    *DJ Kinetic Concepts (KCI) Ind: 60.0-63.0 Last 64.49
    *DJ CountrywideFincl (CFC) Ind: 30.0-32.0 Last 34.06
    *DJ Anixter Intl (AXE) Ind: 82.50-85.50 Last 81.79
    *DJ CME Group Inc. A (CME) Ind: 552.0-559.0 Last 559.60

  8. that's some indication.

    Like I said, the NYSE removed the opening indications for all NYSE stocks.
    Is this an outrage or what ?
  9. Reg nms.
  10. Can you plz explain what this means ? Thank you.
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