what happened to NYSE "opening indications" ?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ghostzapper, Jul 24, 2007.

Do you want "opening indications" on NYSE stocks ?

  1. Hell Yes

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  2. doesn't matter to me / not really

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  1. The vital statistic that everyone needed and needs to make rationale decisions on the opening is gone.
    The "opening indication" is no longer showing on the NYSE pre 9:30 et.

    Can you believe that the NYSE would deprive the public of the most basic, helpful info it has already
    been disseminating for decades ?

    Is there anyone else outragesd?
  2. I think it's outrageous too. Hopefully the indications come back sometime.

  3. IMO, in the highest of likelihoods this has to do with Reg NMS. Can you tell me, from your experience, how accuarte the "opening indicator' was?


  4. 100% more accurate than what they now offer.
  5. It would be nice if they came back, but I think it's more likely that they continue in this same direction & next they will eliminate the MOC order imbalances.

    Did anyone else glimpse an indication on GE just after the open one day last week ??? Right after he opened, I saw 40.35 - 40.85
    in the bid/ask fields for a few seconds. Unless I was seeing things, or it was stale data in my trading program, they are still publishing the indications for the privileged few, just not to us :mad:
  6. varuns


    Why would anyone say no? I mean obviously you want indicators- whether you use them or not is another thing but it's a good back up to have if you haven't done your due research into the stocks for the day..
  7. Good question !
    A better question is why the hell would they do it when everyone wants it.