What happened to NVDA late today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dream64, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. dream64


    NVDA was consistently making new highs today, and sold off from $29.54 at about 3:55 to close at $29.22, and then was at $29 after hours. Anything going on????
  2. 5 posts in 3 years so you tell us Dream Boy :eek:
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    i have hodgkins disease, and i have been in and out of remission three times, so my trading has been somewhat sporadic. i started back last week once my most recent round of chemo was over. i really hope you don't mind. thank you for your incredible insight.
  4. can't find anything. Cramer might have said something about it
  5. It's had a huge run this past month.
    A 31,000 share block traded after hours pushing it down to $28.80, but it bounced right back on the next few trades.
    Very strong semi stock
  6. JohnQ101


    What do you guys think about the future of NVDA?
  7. Thru the roof ... but it's hard to get in.
    If it gets back to $26 it would be a steal.
  8. think this is a very strong semi... bullish on this. looking at it technically, had some strong bounces off supports. looking promising. caso also raised its rating on it recently.
  9. nassau


    basically nvda has run from its fall almost 2yrs ago of around 9dollars to 60 then split and is now at ? the high.

    it has options back dating problems and as most of the stocks have to adjust earning back several years..
    in a lot of cases if you chart where the stock was a few years back the stock will test that bottom as it has already with many of the similiar situation stocks.

    I'm not saying the stock is not good or that it won't go higher but here no one is allowed to buy the stock any longer only short unless stock tests 22.50 as in reality the stock is still 60 dollars and now over valued.

    just my 2 cents worth

  10. Here's a chart since they went public.
    It displays a double bottom at $4 and change.
    There is no reason to think it will go back there anytime soon.
    However, it might run into serious resistance when it gets over $30.
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