what happened to Nickolas Darvas

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  1. Guys, maybe somebody knows what happened to Nickolas Darvas after he earned his 2 millions and wrote 2 books. Did he have success in trading afterwards ?
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    he retired.
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    "...Not too long after Darvas's book was published, a public inquiry was instigated by Louis Lefkowitz, then US Attorney General."
    why all these dead guys threads, hm.. please also read Richard Ney to see how various official agency 'protect' you from these charlatans.
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    I read the kohlhofers review, and there was something that struck me as odd, though possibly not relevant to this discussion. I wondered what grounds the government (in this case the NY Attorney General, not the US Attorney General as kohlhofers stated) would have for bringing charges against Darvas. I Googled Lefkowitz and Darvas and turned up this Time article: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,828737,00.html
  6. didn't he commit suicide and end up bankrupt?
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    that is the other guy, they're both very dead by now. :D
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    that was jessee livermore. of "reminiscenses of a stock operator". strange the book we all admire so much, is about a guy who ultimately died miserable and broke. you gatta love this game.