What Happened to My Recent Threads Joe?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BernardRichards, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. If you don't want me here just say the word, and I am gone.

    I think I am wasting too much time here anyway! This can get to be addictive.
  2. I took one of them off. The reason it was too offensive on both sides. If you look at the forums with people being rude it is not an attraction puts people of posting or looking. That is why.
  3. Thanks for the explanation Morganist. But P&R is not for the fainthearted or for people that are easily offended, and I quote ET guidance on the Politics and Religion forum:

    Not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, stay away from this forum!

    Anyway, even if I buy your explanation, why did you throw out the baby with the bath water? Just delete the posts that seem to violate ET TOS. I mentioned to you that Tresor is posting now under the handle Visitors. There was a reason he was banned from ET (to be fair that was before you moderated P&R). The guy spews out the worst type of Antisemitic / Racist garbage at 1 mile a minute, and you let him stay under the handle of Visitors so what do you expect? (It is also likely that he posted the same Antisemitic / Racist garbage under the handles of Nem0, GRotschild, and others.)

    The bottom line is that P&R is full contact (at least since I was here 2+ yrs now), and only illegal blows are refereed!
  4. There were so many it would have taken all day. If there are hundreds post and you have to read and delete and you have other threads and forums.

    See my point it was just easier to delete it. Normally I do requested but only if I read from start of thread. This time the thread had exceeded the number of posts it was possible for me to read efficiently. I am new so I will be better.

    We have our eye on people so don't worry about that. Remember we have access you don't so we can prevent things. There is an issue of offense and freedom of speech also so take that into consideration. Remember this is international so what may not offend some will offend others.

    We try to let you have your say but there is a limit. Please remember this. We are not the enemy just trying to make the forums enjoyable for everyone.
  5. Is it safe for me to post threads in P&R again or do I have to be concerned that my threads won't meet your standards of polite discourse?
  6. It depends on the content. If you are really unhappy with the fourms you could go to another forum or you could risk it at this one. Sometimes you have to admit the threads do get people upset. This is something we want to avoid at all costs.

    There is the aspect of don't come if you are offended but I have seen some people make decent arguments then get expleted at.
  7. This is not the way TGregg or even Ivanovich moderated this forum.

    You are destroying the Politics and Religion forum with your censorship. I saw you censor Unretired too in P&R and he is a sweetie.

    I repeat again P&R is for full contact polemics. People that are easily offended by rude remarks don't belong in P&R as ET guidance clearly states. If you want to censor then censor threads that border on illegalities like threatening remarks or blantant Antisemitism or Racism (but only if requested by a forum participant) Antisemitic and racist posts have their educational value too.

    Is it safe for me to post threads in P&R again without fear that they will be deleted by you because they don't meet your standards of polite conversation?
  8. It depends what. The reason other mods don't is because they do not moderate P&R look at the top. It is my forum now. But I will take your comments on board and lay off a bit.
  9. That's strange. morganist's posts were only showing up when you quoted them, so I checked my ignore list, and he's on it! Obviously he wasn't a mod when I put him on. He must be newly anointed.

    Hmmm....there are only two reasons someone goes on ignore. Either they're pathetically undereducated juvenille attention seekers or they're the absolute worst of the resident extremist right wingers/raging Anti-Semites. I wonder which one he appeared to be?
  10. hughb


    The P&R forum explicitly warns people to avoid it if they are faint of heart. Deleting people's posts because ~YOU~ think they are offensive is unacceptable. ~I~ think Richard's pro Israel crap is plenty offensive, but they should not be deleted from the P&R forum. Since you are offended by the postings in the P&R forum you should take the advice on the front page and avoid it, you definitely should not be moderating it.
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