What happened to MOH,HNT,HUM today??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ronin266, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. A sharp and deep fall with an almost immediate recovery to previous levels at 14pm. Wtf was that? Algos gone wrong or some HFT desk is crying a river for a program error??
  2. I looked at a bunch of healthcare stocks like ci cvh aet and they all had a dip at the same time, every stock recovered very promptly which is even more unusual. Almost like it never happened.
  3. yep, the fall was really fast, on volume, and I just hadn´t the balls to short it. Gone long in HNT for a 20c profit, and got out thinking that that was all the move and it will head south again, but price just rallied to the previous level. Really strange thing. Nobody can explain this phenomena? Cause if every healthcare stock had the same move, I think it was some kind of basket algo that gone wrong or some wealthy motherf*ker with 304589340598034598098 BP, who just decided to hummer those stocks :D
  4. How about a rumor on chats? Like "some pharma stock is going to have bad earnings..." bla bla bla.
  5. i saw it. prob some hft pile on horseshit. happens all day in 100's of names.

    now do you fade a move like that or try to ride it , thinking there's some news moving the stocks?
  6. cfu


    These things can happen for any number of reasons. Obviously a big player was involved and they have the same emotions of panic, desperation, etc so it could be some manager wanting to get in or out immediately, maybe calls needed to be met, anything. HFTs are also heavily involved these days towards the closing minutes and with names showing heavy close imbalances.

    I've seen plenty of times where ETFs call the swaps desk during the last 10 min wanting, say, $100mm of whatever sector at the closing px. The desk will in turn plug it into the system and off we go. They'll then also make on the spread between the avg fills and the closing px given to the ETF.