What happened to Melissa Lee on CNBC ?

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  1. She anchored Fast Money and Options Action.....and now has disappeared ?
    Scott Wapner appears to have taken her role.
    On google, I found nothing except this:
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  3. I think she was knocked up along with half the other CNBC ladies
    Could be on Maternity leave??
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    Not sure if it's related, but they have a new executive producer - so it may be some shifting of chairs. They are looking for some fresh talent in San Fran as well.
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  5. She already took down over $5 million in salary over the past several years......a lot more than most trader's profits.
    Welcome to the world of media where salaries are obscenely enormous ....or enormously obscene ! LOL !
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    Guy Adami goes to my ymca....see him all the time. I will ask him next time I see him. I ran into him at Walmart and an ice cr am shop...see him pretty often

    He’s a true man of the people, actually my favorite on the show...but I rarely ever watch cnbc
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  7. I thought she just had a twin baby
  8. BRING BACK Dylan Ratigan.!!!!!
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    Who watches CNBC
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    I like CNBC. I've always enjoyed Bill Griffith and Bob Pisani among others.

    I'm a really big fan of CNBC World. I watch that all the time. Martin Soong, Nancy Hungerford, Orriel Morrison, Chery Kang, Sri Jegarajah, and Emily Tan are all great in my book!
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