what happened to landis

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  1. no post for months.
  2. he was caught trying to hack into the doping records. probably on the run from the police right about now
  3. Lucrum


    I heard he dumped his wife and ran off with some gay guy.

    But you never can tell about rumors.
  4. He was ass raped by Obama's younger brother Obongo, and is too ashamed to tell us abt it.
  5. You really have gay on the head, don't you? No doubt, you will soon regale us once again with one of your ubiquitous male anatomical references. Does your closet really have such an irresistible gravitational pull?

    Oh, look. One of your friends:
  6. Lucrum


    Says the guy who openly admits he won't visit a female's bedroom if she has a firearm in it. Apparently you're afraid her "gun" will be bigger than yours.

    Remember this one?
    If I wasn't busy I'd search for your post asking for a corsage.

    YOU are the one constantly posting sissy boy shit.
    Wouldn't that make YOU the one with gay on the brain?

    (pssst, it's a rhetorical question)
  7. Sure. And it was in direct response to other posters like you who made derogatorily-intentioned sexual references for no reason other than because. Just like you.

    As for the wrist corsage reference, you will recall you were stalking me at one point, posting almost immediately in response to me in whatever thread I had selected. I'm not talking here or there. It was one after another. For a while, it was fairly unyielding and relentless. While I suppose I could have been flattered, it made me vaguely uncomfortable. Thankfully, when I brought this matter to your attention in the manner that I did, it gave you pause.

    I'm sure you're "all man." I'd just like for you to stop incessantly proving it to both of us.
  8. Lucrum


    Stalking? LOL Uh no.
    Once again your presume too much.
  9. FredBloggs

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    i think all future gay-off's should be put in the 'post a pic of yourself' thread where we all enjoyed the biggest gay-off of all time.

    now you 2, bend over and make friends :D

    (ps i think lucrum will lose in any gay-off cos his mrs is hot.)
  10. what happened to you between Feb 2009 and August 2009...you made zero posts. World travels? Different ET name?

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